About Desiredclick

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship so we invest in marketing tools to drive greater results, ensuring greater profitability for your business, and so acquire and retain new customers.

Our mission is to work for the success of our customers by providing essential marketing tools that can help your business to expand in the market.

We developed this project because we faced with many difficulties at the beginning in our business. This tool helped us to achieve significant jumps in sales.

Because of this we decided to invest in this innovative technology of digital marketing. We always keep constantly updated news of the current marketing for your business, so that you can monitor the development of the market, always generating profitability for its success.

Service Desiredclick

Capture Page

Create a capture page that builds an incredible audience for your business.

Page for Sale

Create sales pages in 2 minutes or less, that convert visitors into customers for your online business.

Page Reward

Create your reward page safely and professionally in an easy and efficient way for your leads.

Smart Page

Create Smart pages where you can tag the customer to click on your pages, this will influence increases in their sales.

Facebook integration

Background with Video

We develop for you, a differential for its competitors. You will be able to add video to the bottom of your pages.

Email Marketing Integration

We take care of the HTML code for you. You only have to indicate your personal data from your account.

Frequent updates

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See the potential of our tool, we and you can do.

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What an amazing tool!

Several sales are happening thanks to your tool. A Thank you for Desiredclick team for creating this tool that brought me great benefits for my business.

Comment by Antonio Franca

Simply satisfied!

I love Deseredclick Why’d you let me think, just help me do my job.

Comment by Carlos Santiago

Thank you!

I can do my pages with professional design an easy and fast... and so let me focus more on results for my business.

Comment by Jeiza Azevedo

Thank you!

All of my career have never met such a good tool like this do happen, I am delighted this has a very good conversion.

Comment by Sérgio B. Afonso


Excellent work tool, I am speechless, I wish much success with your work.

Comment by Camila Castro


I thank you all for your comments on my work, and I’m very glad you enjoyed, I continue to do everything in my power to be able to help grow your business... will soon have more news to boost your business.

Comment by Moisés Correia

100% Happy Clients!